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Wolf LPB-260 Bivvi Light Powerbank

Wolf LPB-260 Bivvi Light Powerbank

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Built with anglers in mind, the Bivvy Light Powerbank LPB-260 is both rainproof and shockproof so it can withstand the demands of the bankside. Boasting a 2600mAh capacity, this light and power bank combination is able to offer anglers 10 white LED’s and 4 red LED’s, a beacon feature that can be set to white light strobe or red light strobe or white and red light alternately, in addition to supplying a USB output for charging mobiles, head torches, etc. For an indication of battery life, this power bank presents 4 blue indicators showing its power status.

If the ability to provide light and power was not enough, this handy bankside device also comes build with 2 magnets on top and one magnet on the end for attachment to your fishing bivvy! The Wolf powerbank also comes with a magnet plate and user manual in case you get stuck with what light you wish to have on in your bivvy. When your device starts to run low on power, not to worry as Wolf has also provided this device with a charging cable which takes around 2 hours to fully charge the device back up again.

Key Features

  • Rainproof & shockproof
  • 2600mAh capacity
  • 4 blue indicators showing power status
  • 10 white LED’s
  • 4 red LED’s
  • Beacon feature
  • 2 magnets on top of the light & 1 on the end
  • Magnet plate provided
  • USB output
  • Charges mobiles, head torches, etc.
  • Micro input
  • 2 hours to fully charge
  • 30-metre long distance torch
  • Comes complete with a user manual & charging cable
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