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Drennan Visi Wag 5 Float

Drennan Visi Wag 5 Float

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The VisiWag 5 - a set of precision-made wagglers ranging from 1g to 4g loading where each size is designed to carry an extra eight No 8 shot down the line.

Peacock Quill is fast being replaced by modern, hi-tech alternatives such as those used for the Visi Wags. The unique feature of the Visi-Wag range is that all the different sizes of floats in a particular set carry exactly the same amount of terminal shot down the line. In the case of these new Visi-Wag 5's, they all take an extra eight No 8 shot regardless of whether they are 1g or 4g loaded.

So if, for example, you change up from a 2g to a longer, heavier 3g model, because the wind has got upper you want to cast a bit further, you have only got to put a new float in the attachment. The eight No 8 terminal shooting pattern down the line stays the same.

Because the aerodynamic bomb weights themselves are interchangeable, the precise amount of terminal shot fished down the line can also be altered. So changing a 3g weight for a 2.5g weight increases the amount of terminal shot required.

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