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Thinking Anglers

Thinking anglers Straight Eye Hooks

Thinking anglers Straight Eye Hooks

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In a world of extremely niche hook patterns, the TA Straight Eye Hook could mistakenly be overlooked as a ‘Jack of all trades’ hook. Realistically, the pattern should be described as a classic J-pattern, that has been designed so the fine detail sets it apart from the rest.

This phenomenally effective pattern combines the perfect length hook shank, with a seriously sharp, long tapered conical point and extra strong wire. This essentially means that the pattern is ideal for use with coated and uncoated braids, monofilament and fluorocarbon. A truly versatile pattern that really does it all and has already accounted for numerous carp – including the Burghfield Common!

The combination of our slippery PTFE coating, a durable long tapered hook point and the optimum length hook shank all ensure that the initial pricking and penetration of this hook pattern hugely effective, bedding down quickly and securely… 

These hooks are manufactured from the finest high carbon steel that has been double-tempered and forged from a super-strong, extra-heavy gauge wire so you can confidently use this pattern in any angling situation.

These straight eye hooks have been tried and tested by us for 2 years under extremely rigorous and weedy conditions prior to their public release.

Key features/specifications:

PTFE Coating for optimum penetration
Super strong double tempered extra heavy gauge high carbon steel
Super sharp, long straight points
Micro-Barbed & Barbless available 
Available in intermediary sizes for fine tuning of presentations

The Straight Eye micro-barbless hooks are available in packs of 10 in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7.

TASE4B – Size 4 Straight Eye Hook
TASE5B – Size 5 Straight Eye Hook
TASE6B – Size 6 Straight Eye Hook
TASE7B – Size 7 Straight Eye Hook

TASE4 – Size 4 Straight Eye Hook
TASE5 – Size 5 Straight Eye Hook
TASE6 – Size 6 Straight Eye Hook
TASE7 – Size 7 Straight Eye Hook

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