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Sticky Pure Liver Hydro

Sticky Pure Liver Hydro

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This pre-digested, Pure Liver Hydro is jam packed with amino acids, which are well known to trigger an instant and prolonged feeding response from a multitude of coarse fish species.

Pure Liver Hydro is a very meaty and quite thick liquid food, and our version is of the very highest grade. Despite its thick viscosity, Pure Liver Hydro is highly soluble, and so the plethora of amino acids are released into the water incredibly fast, which is the key to its highly attractive nature.

Pure Liver Hydro can be applied to spod mix, pellets, stick mixes or boilies, and because it is totally natural it cannot be overdone. Not only is it a great additive for carp angling, barbel anglers have also reported great results on rivers across the UK.

Key Features

Super soluble liquid food
Pre-digested for usability 
Packed with attractive amino acids 
Perfect for coating boilies and pellets 

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