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Shimano Cover Crank 50mm F SR Lure 7g

Shimano Cover Crank 50mm F SR Lure 7g

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The Yasei Cover Crank is a floating crankbait designed for all predators. Available is three diving options (Shallow, Medium and Deep), and in two sizes (50mm and 70mm), this fantastic lure has a rattle for increased attraction and comes in the most effective fish-catching colours.$ The Yasei Cover Crank has quite an aggressive swimming action that works effectively at all retrieve speeds, from slow to extra fast, giving you wide-ranging versatility and different options to fool even the hardest to catch fish. For increased attraction, especially in low light conditions or coloured water, a rattle sound is emitted when moving, enabling the fish to home in on your lure. Available in two sizes (50mm and 70mm), there is a wide range of the very best fish catching colours to select, from the bright Fire Tiger through to an unusual black version. Choose from Shallow, Medium or Deep diving options to suit the water and venues you are fishing.

Key points

  • Aggressive swimming action at all speeds, from slow to extra fast
  • Deep rattle sound when moving for increased attraction
  • Front diving lip helps to avoid catching on underwater obstacles
  • Available in SR (shallow runner), MR (medium runner), DR (deep runner)
  • Floating - diving depth SR - 1.5m, MR - 2.5m, DR – 3m+
  • High quality BKK hooks



Lure Size 5 cm

Packing qty 1

Water Type Freshwater & Saltwater

Lure Type Wobbler



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