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Sensas Aromix Brasem 500ml

Sensas Aromix Brasem 500ml

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Sensas Aromix Brasem Liquid Additive, This additive is in the form of a concentrated liquid, it should be added to your mixing water between 10 to 20%. Sensas Aromix dosage: Use a quarter of a bottle to one litre of water. In strong currents increase this to half a bottle per litre of water. Liquid flavourings and additives impregnate groundbaits right to the core and help keep fish interested and active over long period of time. Powdered additives disperse much more rapidly and work best when added to a mix at the last moment. Ideally you should use a powdered additive to draw fish in quickly coupled with a liquid additive mixed through the groundbait to hold them in your swim for longer.

Key Features

  • Concentrated liquid bait additive
  • Infuses groundbait right to the core
  • Keeps fish interested and active over long period of time
  • Size: 500ml


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