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Drennan Polemaster Pull Bung

Drennan Polemaster Pull Bung

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Pull Bung is aimed at the pole angler who wants to tighten up the elastic temporarily when landing a fish.

This clever device enables the angler to adjust the amount of elastic a fish can take from the base end of a top kit. Used sensibly it can enable an angler to effectively use a lighter grade of pole elastic and still be in control of both large and small fish.

The pack comes with two different sizes of toggle bead to accommodate a wide range of solid and hollow elastics.

It also comes fitted with super slick PTFE bushes at both the top and bottom. The tapered cone can be carefully cut back to fit inside your pole section to the appropriate depth.



  • Low diameter toggle bead
  • Large diameter toggle bead
  • Fitted with super slick PTFE bushes at both the top and bottom
  • Tapered cone
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