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Nash Webcast PVA Mesh System

Nash Webcast PVA Mesh System

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Webcast PVA


Seven metres of all season 1mm PVA mesh available on compact loading tubes with plungers included, with lids designed to double as a filling tool to make mesh bags quicker and easier than ever.

Three diameters of loading tubes satisfy any feeding requirement from tiny sticks when scratching for bites to large mesh bags when carp are feeding hard.

  • Webcast Super Narrow - 18mm x 7m
  • Webcast Narrow – 23mm x 7m
  • Webcast Wide - 37mm x 7m

Webcast PVA Refills 

Five metre mesh refills for re-loading Webcast PVA Systems.

  • Webcast PVA Refill Super Narrow - 18mm x 5m
  • Webcast PVA Refill Narrow – 23mm x 5m
  • Webcast PVA Refill Wide - 37mm x 5m

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