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Nash Solid In Line Lead (New)

Nash Solid In Line Lead (New)

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A purpose designed compact body lead to take up less space and offer the most effective hooking inside a solid bag. The cut away style nose leaves the swivel contacting the centre of mass of the lead to drive a hook home more efficiently. Finished without the 3D textured surface of other Nash Leads to prevent any snagging of PVA film or link material on the body. Compatible with the Speedload PVA Bag Stems.

  • All Nash in line leads have a unique hybrid inner stem consisting of two materials. The soft nose section grips size 8 swivels for an effective semi fixed lead. The stiff top section allows drop off set ups to be produced with no additional components required.
  • Finished in a unique disrupted black/green camouflage for end tackle concealment
  • Non reflective soft touch paint finish
  • Metric and Imperial weights impressed in the body for easy identification


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