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Nash Baseline Sinking Braid Camo 600m (New)

Nash Baseline Sinking Braid Camo 600m (New)

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Bringing the advances of braided line manufacture driven by the lure fishing market Baseline offers a combination of properties never seen in braided mainlines for the carp market.

Eight plus one strand construction with an increased density sinking core fibre surrounded by woven premium Dyneema results in a more user friendly,  lower diameter braid with a round profile for easier casting and spooling. Baseline cuts through surface film quickly to sit low in the water and settle along the lake bed for improved line concealment.

Offering a new technology in braided lines, Baseline UV Yellow contains ultra violet light reflective strands – allowing you to identify both line position and direction instantly day or night.

The high viz yellow offers maximum line visibility by day, and in the dark illuminating it with the Powerbanx UV Headtorch sees the line glow as it reflects the ultra violet beam.

For boat users the benefits are instant and immense, ensuring you can easily identify line positions no matter how poor the visibility – reducing chances of fouling or cutting lines with propellors or boat keels. Baseline UV’s high viz properties are equally helpful when grouping rigs close together or playing carp under or over other lines.

Available on 600m and 1200m spools Baseline offers flexibility for spooling reduced quantities across 2 and 3 rod set ups or filling the largest spools in one shot for the most extreme range applications anywhere in the world.

Reflective properties of Baseline Braid UV Yellow will slowly decrease over a long period. The contents of a reel spool can be reversed to revert to maximum reflective performance.  

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