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Liquirigs Liquid Zig Full System

Liquirigs Liquid Zig Full System

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The LiquiZig Liquid Zig Aligner System, the Ultimate Zig Rig that releases a constant trail of liquid attraction around your Zig hookbait.

Finding the correct depth, and correct colour preference on the day can mean the difference between blanking and having a bumper Zig session. Never has it been easier to simply plug and play with your zigs, change colours of foam or cylinders in an instant to get that all important bite.

The Liquid Cylinder offers the unique opportunity to offer a constant trail of liquid attraction around your Zig hookbait.

The cap can be used on it’s own for those anglers that like the smaller minimalist look, do you want a zig that looks like a tadpole, ideal for those spring conditions.

If you want a quicker release of liquid, simply remove the original small piece of foam designed for the cylinder, squirt liquid into the cap and then plug the cap with the larger piece of foam in your favourite colour combination.

Full Kits Available in: Black & Yellow, Red & White or Pink & Orange.

Each kit contains:
2 x Zig Aligner Caps in 2 colours, 2 x Liquid Booster Cylinder in 2 colours and 2 x Zig foam in 2 colours per pack.
Total 4 x Caps, 4 x Cylinders and 4 x Foam per pack.

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