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Liquirigs Dedicated Zig Liquids

Liquirigs Dedicated Zig Liquids

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The Ultimate Zig Liquid

Liquizigs dedicated zig liquid attractants are zig enhancing liquids that have been designed and specifically formulated with zig fishing in mind.

We have used a unique method to blend heavier and lighter liquids along with powder compounds, this creates a reaction that remains as neutrally buoyant as possible, most importantly this keeps the attraction up within the water layers and around the hookbait, this significantly increases the chance of a biteby drawing the Carp right to your hookbait.

All of the liquids use natural ingredients aimed at targeting the Carp’s receptors, with no artificial dyes and only alcohol based flavours,
Designed to catch the Carp not the angler!

Milky Amino

The perfect blend of aminos and pre digested fishmeals, complimented by a sweet milk attractor

A naturally sweet and super soluble base liquid, combined with milks and the perfect pineapple attractor


Squid Ink, the ultimate squid attractor and n-butyric acid, the perfect carp combination

The Nutz

The perfect blend of nuts and milk proteins, creating a haze of cloudy nuts the carp go mad for

Oily Shrimp

A blend of fish oils and shrimp, powerful aroma that draws carp in with its pulling power


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