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Korda Windshield

Korda Windshield

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The Korda Windshield provides the perfect barrier in inclement weather conditions, ensuring that your stove continues to deliver efficient heat transfer.

Foldable and sturdy aluminium plates, wrap around the stove to shield the flame from the wind. The special hinged design allows the Windshield to fold completely flat for storage and fits perfectly inside the Compac Cookware Bag.

Manufactured from aluminium with a gun-smoke hard anodised finish and Laser etched Korda logo. 

Available in two versions, large and small designed to be used with all types of stoves, whether that’s a petrol stove, low level burner or bottle top gas stoves.

Dimensions:  Large (flat): 21.5cm x 23cm, Small (flat): 21.5cm x 12.5cm

Key features

  • Foldable aluminium plates

  • Wrap-around hinged design

  • Folds completely flat

  • Gun-smoke hard anodised finish

  • Laser etched Korda logo

  • Large and small versions

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