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Korda PTFE Spinner Swivel Size 11

Korda PTFE Spinner Swivel Size 11

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One of the main principles of the spinner rig, as the name suggests, is that the hook is free to spin round and take a hold in the mouth of the carp. The more freely that it spins, the better the chances of getting a hook hold, and this is exactly what the PTFE Spinner Swivel achieves.

This version is the perfect choice for anybody who wants less metalware on their spinner rigs. Making it less obtrusive, by doing away with a metal ring as part of the swivel.

This size 11 swivel is designed specifically for us with this rig and can be used with various hook link materials and just like our standard version, the hook can easily be added or removed from the ‘crook’ at the other end, which is then covered with a Kicker to keep everything securely in place. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has one of the lowest friction coefficients of any solid material, which makes it perfect for coating swivels as it reduces any friction between the barrel and the eye. 

The XX version is designed specifically to be used with larger hook sizes such as 1s and 2s. They have a thicker wire gauge than the original version and should be used in conjunction with the new XL Kickers which will sit snugly over the crook and the larger eye of the bigger size hook.

They are sold in packs of ten with a Ring Swivel version also available.

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