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Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 200m

Korda Kontour Fluorocarbon Mainline 200m

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This is the ultimate fluorocarbon main line and it took several years for us to find one which we were totally happy with. It has all the properties that you would expect from a fluorocarbon line; being practically invisible in water and sinking extremely well. 

Kontour also has fantastic knot strength, and unlike many fluorocarbons, it can also be cast a long way, certainly up to and beyond the 100-yard mark. It is available in 12lb, 15lb and 18lb, to cover any angling situation but we’ve also taken the range a little further. Fluorocarbons can be inherently wiry compared to standard monofilament lines. Therefore, within the Kontour range, for those that want even more finesse under their tips, the 12lb version now has softer properties than it’s heavier 15lb and 18lb brethren.

Kontour is also very tough and can stand up to weed and snags extremely well and although it costs more than a standard monofilament main line, what you are getting for the extra money is a top-quality fluorocarbon. 

Available in 12lb, 15lb and 18lb with 200m on a spool.

Key features

    • Fluorocarbon main line

    • Fast sinking

    • Tough

  • Excellent knot strength


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