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Korda Intercepter Controller Floats

Korda Intercepter Controller Floats

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The range on Interceptor Controller Floats is designed to cover any surface fishing situation you might find yourself in, from under the rod tip all the way out to long range. They are super buoyant, with a buoyant stem to ensure that they lay flat on the surface and don’t spook fish, and the opaque white colour also helps with this from below the surface – whilst also allowing you to easily spot them above the surface and keep track of where your rig is. One very useful feature is the ease with which you can change the size of controller you’re using, as they’re designed so that a QC Ring Swivel neatly fits into the rubber insert in the nose of the controller, and your main line can be attached to this via a figure-of-eight loop. Simply detach your main line from the QC Ring Swivel, slide off the controller, and thread on a different sized one – this is particularly useful if the range at which the fish are feeding at suddenly changes, such as when your floaters drift on the wind. The 5g version is perfect in situations where the fish are very close to the bank but you want better casting accuracy and line control than you would get by freelining. The 15g and 30g floats are great all-rounders, and for anything at longer range, the 50g and 80g Interceptors are ideal.

Key features

    • Surface controller float

    • Super buoyant including the stem

    • Lie flat on the surface

  • Quick and easy to switch between different sizes
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