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Korda Dura Kord 65lb 15m

Korda Dura Kord 65lb 15m

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This incredibly strong and tough leader material has been specifically designed for use in the most demanding of situations, where snags are a problem. It is made from a blend of Dyneema and polyester to produce a leader material which can easily be spliced, and which will also absorb water to ensure that it sinks very well. In addition to being incredibly tough and reducing the chances of being cut-off, it has also been designed so that it is thick for its breaking strain, with the idea being that this will help to prevent it from cutting into submerged trees and stumps – or any type of underwater woodwork – and instead it will rub across it and give you a greater chance of landing a fish in this situation. It comes in a choice of 45lb or 65lb breaking strains and is dull brown so that it blends in with the lakebed. Each spool contains 20m of 45lb DuraKord, or 15m of the 65lb version.

Key features

    • Heavy duty snag leader
    • Incredibly strong and abrasion resistant
    • Absorbs water and sinks very well
  •           Can easily be spliced


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