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Korda Complete Stow Indicator

Korda Complete Stow Indicator

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These feature a complete Stow Indicator set-up with all the bits that you need, barring an isotope. These are based on the handmade Elstow bobbins which have achieved cult status, keeping all of the best bits which made them so popular, and also adding some improvements. The Stow Indicator can be fished with either a slack or a tight line, and when you get a take it will unclip itself from the line as it hits your alarm. It can be used with any type of bite alarm using the magnetic hockey stick attachment with is supplied, and two different lengths of stainless steel chain are supplied so that you can ensure it works properly and always pings free of your line when required to do so. The clip will hold your line securely without causing any damage to it, and the body is extremely lightweight and very sensitive to any movement of the line. Additional weights are available in either 6g or 8g sizes, and neatly fit onto the body without making it any longer. Spare heads in different colours, plus spare hockey sticks are also available.

Key features

    • Based on the famous Elstow bobbins

    • Can be used with slack or tight lines

    • Stainless steel chain

    • Line-friendly clip

    • Complete bobbin

Ref : KEB07, KEB05
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