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Korda Compac Rod Holdall

Korda Compac Rod Holdall

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The range of Compac Rod Holdalls has been designed to keep your expensive rods and reels in the best possible condition during transit, whilst also being practical and allowing you to set up and pack away in the shortest possible time! After many months of testing and development by a variety of top anglers, we were finally happy that we had designed the best possible rod holdalls and included all of the features that any angler would want – so whatever style of carp fishing you do, and type of water that you fish, there is a Compac Rod Holdall that is perfect for your needs!

The range includes everything from a standard 3-rod, 12ft version through to less common configurations – including a model to cater for those using 10ft rods, which have become popular in recent years, especially with younger anglers; right through to 5-rod versions in 12ft and 13ft to cater for those fishing on waters that allow four rods, or who like to take spares, such as on a trip abroad. All of the rod holdalls are constructed from a highly durable and water resistant material which will stand up to the type of use that they get, and plenty of padding and internal dividers ensures that your rods and reels are protected as much as possible from any damage, and catering for even the largest of big pit reels and butt rings. 

The Compac Rod Holdalls have been designed so that you can get fishing as soon as possible on arrival at the lake, with a heavy duty zip giving quick access to your rods, whilst landing nets, banksticks and similar are stored in three external pockets along the spine of the holdall. Two additional rods – perfect for a marker rod and a spod rod – can also be stored externally (either loose or in a rod sleeve), with pockets and straps to keep them in place. So, if you need to have a quick lead about in a swim you can do almost instantly without having to unpack half your gear to so!.

Continuing the theme of being able to quickly get fishing when you arrive, there is also an external pocket for storing leads or similar, which is great if you are using a lead clip, Heli-Safe, or any other system where the lead is removed at the end of the previous session when you reel in – often when you’ve already packed away everything else, they can be zipped into this pocket, ready to go when you next set up.

Key features

  • Durable and water-resistant fabric 
  • Designed to accommodate big pit reels and 50mm butt rings
  • All rods and reels are separated by padded internal dividers 
  • The five rod holdalls are a three-up, two-down design to save space
  • Pockets on the spine to hold storm poles, banksticks and a landing net
  • External pockets and straps to hold two more additional rods (with or without sleeves)
  • Reinforced waterproof base 
  • Removable padded shoulder strap 
  • Discreet pocket to store leads
  • Reinforced carry handles
  • Heavy-duty zips 
  • Wipe-clean lining


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