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Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap

Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap

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For those overnight and mobile anglers streamlining their kit is of paramount importance. Whether you need to pack down quickly on your way to work, or you’re moving onto to fish, the quicker and easier you can pack down your gear the better. 

The Korda Compac Bivvy Wrap enables the bulky form of your bivvy to be wrapped and secured quickly and efficiently. This unique wrap offers an alternative storage solution to a traditional carry bag whilst still maintaining the ability to retain essential items such as storm poles and bivvy pegs.

All items are quickly stowed in a durable, water-resistant wrap, with Velcro fastening. Providing a compact, low-profile and lightweight package which allows rapid deployment and pack-down.

This unique, modern solution features an elasticated fabric which enables the wrap to be pulled tight around the bivvy and compress it down. Just stow your pegs and poles in the compartments provided, wrap up your bivvy and go!

Compac luggage is manufactured using high performance fabrics and military grade components, creating an organised, strong, lightweight, durable luggage system.

Comes in two colours, our signature dark kamo or olive.

Dimensions: 83cm x 66cm

Key features

  • Enables fast pack down and set-up
  • Durable and elasticated fabric
  • 10 peg retaining loops
  • 4 reinforced storm pole sleeves
  • Compact low-profile design
  • Adjustable diameter from 65cm to 75cm
  • Wipe-clean and water-resistant lining
  • Designed for larger brollies or mid-sized shelters
  • Come in dark kamo and olive


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