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Korda Black & White Bobbin

Korda Black & White Bobbin

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The Black & Whites are more than just a bobbin, as every aspect of them has been well thought out and designed to the highest standards. These bobbins are a classic design, with a chain and flowing line clip, and as the name suggests, come in a choice of either black or white, with each having a crystal clear segment into which an isotope can be inserted, giving the appearance that it is floating in the middle of the bobbin.

The line clip strength can easily be adjusted simply by twisting the body of the bobbin, as the adjustment mechanism runs through the centre of it. They come supplied with a black magnetic hockey stick, which has a magnetic connector and is interchangeable with our Stow indicator range, so you can switch between the two without having to unscrew your bite alarms.

Each bobbin comes supplied with a short or a long chain – 6in. or 9in. long and lightweight on the small size, or 3in. and 6in. on all of the other sizes - depending on how you’re are fishing them and how much of a drop you want on the indicator, as well as two different sized weights (each lazor-etched with how many grams they weigh) that can easily be added or removed as needed.

There are four different sizes, to cover everything from slack line fishing at close range, right through to the largest size which is suited to extreme range fishing with bowstring tight lines looking for small indications, or on flowing water.

The small size comes with 5g and 8g weights; medium and large both have 10g and 15g weights; and x-large has 20g and 30g ones. Each packet contains one bobbin, with two chains and two weights. A Mini Isotope fits the small size, with a Stow Lite fitting all of the other sizes, and a variety of different colours are available.


Key features


  • Classic bobbin design
  • Choice of black or white
  • Supplied with two different length chains
  • Come with additional weights
  • Four different sizes
  • Adjustable line clip

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