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Korda Basix Spod/Marker Braid

Korda Basix Spod/Marker Braid

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The Basix Spod/Marker Braid can be used for either feature finding or baiting up with a spod/Spomb. This buoyant braid is perfect for use on your marker rod, as it has zero stretch and so allows you to better feel your lead across the lake bed and to determine what features are present in front of you. Its low diameter compared to the breaking strain of 30lb makes it very easy to cast, and long distances can be achieved with minimal effort.

Due to the breaking strain, you can use it without the need for a shockleader, which makes it a lot more user-friendly and easier to fish with. Basix Spod/Marker Braid is made from a tightly woven braid and with a silky smooth feel to it, which also aids casting distance. It is an unobtrusive Camo Green colour and comes supplied on 200m spools, meaning that it is best used with some backing – the size of this spool ensures that you aren’t filling your reel with hundreds of metres of expensive braid that will never see the light of day!

Key features

  • Perfect for feature finding or baiting up with a Spod/Spomb

  • Buoyant and ideal for your marker rod

  • Zero stretch

  • Low diameter in 30lb breaking strain

  • No need for a shockleader

  • Silky smooth feel

  • Unobtrusive Camo Green

  • 200m spools

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