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Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel

Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel

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To assist anglers in using leadcore safely, Korda has produced ready-tied versions that are every bit as good, and as safe, as the ones that Team Korda splice themselves.

The leaders come in two versions, one with a lead clip attached and one with a simple Ring Swivel attached. The Ring Swivel leaders have been designed for use with inline leads or running systems and the lead clip versions feature our new lead clips, which can be used semi-fixed or running and house either swivels or Kwik Links for ultimate versatility. Both versions are 1m long and are tied from our 50lb Kable camouflaged leadcore.

Constructed from Korda's Kable, the toughest of all leader materials, these leaders are perfect for most things that carp fishing will throw at you.

You get 3 leaders per pack and the option of Weed/Silt and Gravel Brown versions. 

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