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Jarvis Walker Tsunami Sea Rigs

Jarvis Walker Tsunami Sea Rigs

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Tsunami Mackerel Feathers & Traces

Mackerel are a prolific and recognisable fish, forming huge shoals ripe for the fishing. Perfect for this scenario, in comes Tsunami Mackerel Feathers and Traces, an extensive line of attractive lure rigs that are sure to bring in the best the sea has to offer. A full string of fish on nearly every cast.

The Tsunami Mackerel Feathers and Traces are a full range comprised of all the best selling sea traces mimicking small bait fish that are irresistible to a variety of large ocean fish. Each colour is a proven winner, from plain white through to vivid day-glo orange, some with strips of glittery tinsel and silver reflector strips designed to glint and flash through the water.

These traces are expertly tied using quality components and are fast developing a strong reputation among the sea angling community. A huge variety of Tsunami Mackerel Feathers and Traces are available to suit a wide variety of target Mackerel and fishing requirements.

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