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Drennan Hybrid Olivette

Drennan Hybrid Olivette

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A brand new concept that combines the best features of both In-Line and Lock & Slide models.  

Without a central hole, the line curved around the outside of the bomb-shaped weight on Lock and Slide olivettes.  Under tension, the line stretches out straight and can shift the silicone off the spikes.  When playing hard-fighting carp, sometimes the olivette could even ping off.  So we wanted a hole just off the centre, avoiding the central spikes, and lined it with silicone to avoid any possibility of line damage.  This new hybrid design is genuinely the best of both worlds and a little bit of hi-tech, micro engineering.  

Silicone-lined, easily-adjustable and 100% secure.

Non-flash, camo bronze colour.

Individually size engraved.


Weights 2g and over 4 per  pack otherwise 5 per pack 


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