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Guru Cookie Float

Guru Cookie Float

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Another renowned Mick Wilkinson pattern is joining the family, in the shape of one of the most famous shallow fishing floats of all time, the Cookie! This dibber style float is designed for a wide range of shallowor up-in-the-water pole fishing situations on commercialsfor carp and F1s. Sizes of 0.1g, 0.2g, and 0.3gcover all shallow fishing options, and the floats are superb for the popular ‘slapping’ style of shallow fishing that takes place on a lot of commercials.

The Cookie is a very popular pattern amongst commercial experts for ‘mugging’ or ‘dobbing’ fish too, perfect for flicking at cruising fish without tangling, making an enticing quiet little ‘plip’ to catch their attention!Like all our range, strength is an essential build quality, and despite being a small float, the Cookie can withstand catching big weights of large hard-fighting fish!

A lot of this is down to the fact it’s made using high-density foam, with the side eye glued deep into the body to ensure it will never pull out. The side eye also ensures the float sits perfect every time to give anglers ultimate presentation, and doesn’t ride-up or get caught in the surface tension which sometimes happens when using silicone or a spring-style eye.

The shape of the cookie makes it perfect for shallow work and suspending baits off the bottom such as hard pellets, meat or casters. It has a dumpy little body shouldering up into the dibber tip, which is highly visible and supports a whole manner of baits up to 8mm pellets with ease. The short wire stem is sturdy and stiff, not bending or breaking under pressure, but providing the small float with a lot of stability and making sure it cocks quickly when fishing shallow – important as you want to see bites as quickly as possible when shallow fishing. 

Key features

  • Dibber style float

  • Designed for up-in-the-water pole fishing

  • Perfect for flicking at cruising fish

  • Excellent build quality

  • Made using high-density foam

  • Short wire stem 

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