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Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle (IN STORE COLLECTION ONLY)

Gardner Long Baiting Spoon Handle (IN STORE COLLECTION ONLY)

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A heavy duty 130cm abbreviated handle perfect for use with our Baiting Spoon for close range, mass baiting with particles, boilies or balls of ground-bait.

The Long Baiting Spoon Handle is also suitable as a short landing net handle on boats where traditional 6ft landing net handles can be awkward to manoeuvre within the confines of a boat.

The handle is also recommended for use with the Power Lifter Weigh Bar for ultra accurate weighing of big fish.

  • Twin black foam grips for comfortable use. Critical spacing of the grips has been specified so that maximum distance can be comfortably achieved.
  • Lightweight and super strong fibre glass construction – will easily cope with rigours of launching baits with our baiting spoon, landing or weighing big fish
  • 3/8″ BSF standard thread fits any baiting spoon or landing net head.
  • Excellent value for money.
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