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Dynamite Swim Stim Feeder Groundbait 1.8kg (NEW)

Dynamite Swim Stim Feeder Groundbait 1.8kg (NEW)

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 Perfect for all Coarse fishing and Match Fishing situations. 

Dynamite Baits have designed these new groundbaits as dedicated feeder mixes, suited to larger lakes such as Barston or Ferry Meadows, as well as reservoirs such as Tamar or Worsborough. Each fishing groundbait has been extensively tested by the Dynamite team such as Nick Speed, Matty Pillay & Matt Benwell, with each mix proving extremely effect for Skimmers, Bream & Carp.

These new Dynamite groundbaits are perfectly suited to fishing the feeder with either cage or method feeders, and each mix is ideal for fishing at range and deeper water. To attract and hold bigger fish normally associated with feeder fishing, Dynamte Baits have increased the number of larger feeder particles in the groundbait and eleveated the levels of fishmeal in the groundbait.

As with all Swim Stim groundbaits, these mixes include a blend of crushed pellet, which gives the mix a ‘fluffy’ state when mixed. Dynamite have incorporated their well known Koi technology into the mixes and utilised the Swim Stim exclusive feeding triggers, that have made the original Swim Stim mixes proven fish catchers for the last 20 years.

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