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Drennan PoleMaster Winder Bungs

Drennan PoleMaster Winder Bungs

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Each Winder Bung will hold numerous turns of elastic, allowing small lengths to be let out or wound in and precise adjustments to be made to the tension of your pole elastic. The Medium and Large sizes will even hold several turns of larger diameter Drennan Carp Bungee hollow elastic.

The winder section has a dovetail joint, which allows it to be separated from the tapered bung and reassembled with ease if necessary. The tapered cone section also has a small drainage channel in each side to prevent water becoming trapped inside the top sections.

The tapered cones on the four sizes of bung each have a ribbed section which can be cut down with a sharp knife or junior hacksaw. This simple modification gives each size a maximum and minimum diameter. The range can therefore be made to fit all pole sections and top kits with an internal bore between 10mm and 30mm.

These ultra light Winder Bungs weigh so little that they will have minimal effect on the balance or action of your pole.

On standard take-apart poles the Winder Bung needs to fit inside the section, just beyond joint depth and within easy reach of the extractor rod. The extractor rod has a positive twist-lock location system so it is very easy to remove a Winder Bung from its position inside the pole section.

As these two-part winders can be separated from the bung section it makes them interchangeable, providing an increased range of storage options and therefore further scope for tension adjustments to the pole elastic.

All pole elastic is prone to damage and wear, particularly at the tip end where the rig line or connector is attached. Having spare elastic on the winder not only allows you to adjust the tension but also to periodically cut back the elastic, eliminating the worn tip section.


The Range:

  • Mini -  Pink, 0.9g, three per pack (10mm to 12mm)
  • Small - Green, 1.7g, three per pack (12.5mm to 15mm)
  • Medium - Blue, 2.5g, two per pack (15.5mm to 20mm)
  • Large - Purple, 4.5g, 2 per pack (21.5mm to 30mm)

A rough guide to the storage capacity of the four sizes with standard solid elastic:

  • Mini holds up to 15 turns of No4 elastic - 18″ (45cm)
  • Small holds up to 12 turns of No6 elastic - 24″ (60cm)
  • Medium holds up to 20 turns of No10 elastic - 44″ (112cm)
  • Large holds up to 8 turns of No14 elastic - 32″ (80cm)


  • Winder section has a dovetail joint
  • Tapered cone section
  • Ultra light
  • Ribbed sections which can be cut down with a sharp knife or junior hacksaw
  • Two-part winders can be separated from the bung section it makes them interchangeable


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