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Drennan Pole Hook Ups

Drennan Pole Hook Ups

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Hook Ups and Depth Marker Bands are essential items of pole fishing equipment.

Hook Ups allow you to keep your pole rig safely on your top kit when you are not using it. They are best set at rig depths to avoid exposing unnecessary lengths of elastic under tension. This avoids over-tensioning the elastic and exposing it to sunlight for too long.

Depth Marker Bands are coloured silicone pieces that can be adjusted along the pole section to your rig depth as required thus avoiding the use of Tipp-Ex.

The Range:

Pack contains:

  • 4x Small
  • 4x Medium
  • 2x Large


  • Three colours of Depth Marker Bands
  • Three diameters of per pack
  • Soft
  • Durable
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