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Drennan Hair Rig Carp Feeder

Drennan Hair Rig Carp Feeder

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The special shape of extra strong hooks reduces the number of missed bites and provides such a secure hook hold that you wonder why you ever needed barbs.

Tied to 12” (30cm) of clear mono with progressive breaking strains of line to each individual hook size.

The length of the hair has been carefully matched to the hook size, getting progressively longer from 18’s to 8’s to correctly accommodate the different sizes of bait appropriate to each hook.

The Range:

  • Size 8 to 8lb (0.220)
  • Size 10 to 7lb (0.205)
  • Size 12 to 7lb (0.205)
  • Size 14 to 6lb (0.185)
  • Size 16 to 5lb (0.165)
  • Size 18 to 5lb (0.165)


  • Special bend
  • Extra strong
  • 12" (30cm) long hooklengths
  • 8 hook­lengths per packet
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