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Drennan Big Bait Carp Pole Rig

Drennan Big Bait Carp Pole Rig

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Originally designed for commercial carp venues, Diamond Crystals® have 2.5mm diameter buoyant, hi-vis tips. The stainless-steel side eye at the base of the tip is formed in a full circle to eliminate line damage. The miniature blow-moulded body is a versatile shape ideal for shallow margins or open water.

Less showy than solid balsa or foam-bodied floats, it is ultra-light but extra tough and long-term durable.

In combination with the size 14 wide gape carp hook, the rig is perfect for larger baits such as
Pellet, meat, sweetcorn and maggots.

  • Available in 0.3g & 0.6g at 3M rig lengths and in 1.0g at 4.5m rig lengths.
  • Robust, unobtrusive clear blow moulded body, with secure, full-circle coiled eye.
  • 7lb Main line & 6lb hook length to a size 14 Barbless Wide Gape Carp hook.
  • Long fibre glass stems for extra stability.

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