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Drennan Acolyte Gripper Hooks

Drennan Acolyte Gripper Hooks

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Due to the development of new materials and new processing techniques large eyed hooks have improved significantly in strength and durability in recent years.  Unfortunately these improvements could not be applied to fine wire spade ends but after nearly 3 years of development we have overcome all the technical problems and can now offer fine wire spade ends which have all the improvements built in!

The new Acolyte Spade Ends are:
•         Significantly stronger and less inclined to gape!
•         Being stronger needle points can now be ground finer and sharper!
•         That same increase in strength means that these finer points are more long-term durable
•         The 4 classic patterns are available in barbed and barbless
•         All bar the Finesse have protective P.T.F.E. coating

Micro Barbed Hook Patterns

•         Red Finesse, size 16 to 22
•         Silverfish, size 14 to 20
•         Maggot Plus, size 12 to 20
•         Gripper, size 10 to 18


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