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DNA Baits

DNA Sweet Cayenne Pepper Liquid

DNA Sweet Cayenne Pepper Liquid

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Using whole cayenne chillies, this extract is fermented for several months, allowing a gradual breakdown of nutrients, flavours and oleoresins within the chilli.

Sweetened with a well-proven natural protein, thaumatin (talin), this versatile liquid is ideal for use over boilies, pellets or particles.

It works superbly throughout the year, excelling in the colder months thanks to its ability to aid digestion.

It is also PVA friendly, so is perfect for bags and sticks.

Why use Sweet Cayenne Pepper? The spicy aroma of cayenne pepper can mimic the smell of certain natural food sources that carp find appealing. Additionally, the pungent nature of cayenne pepper will irritate a carp’s senses, making it more curious and willing to investigate the bait.

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