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DNA Krill Meal Groundbait 1kg

DNA Krill Meal Groundbait 1kg

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Krill has been the buzz word on everybody’s lips for a long while. Don’t be fooled, though, into thinking this is yet another unfounded fad. Krill has been a superb ingredient in the bait industry and, maybe more importantly, the koi food industry for many years now and it’s one we at DNA love! It’s a superb fish attractor and its effectiveness is only hampered by the fact its light properties mean you can’t get enough of the stuff in the bait! Krill Powder’s rough texture also helps add to the leakage properties of your bait via osmosis, meaning your bait’s chosen attractors can easily flood out. Its smooth, strong crustacean aroma is something the carp just can’t get enough off, and it’s also a superb source of protein, lipids, carotenoids and anti-oxidants.

Due to the lightness of this ingredient, we would recommend our krill be used at a maximum of 7.5% in your mixes dependant on the inclusion of other light ingredients. Problematic ingredients can include Sodium Casienate, Calcium Casienate, Flaked Wheatgerm, Shrimp Meal and Milk Replacer Powders. This level isn’t set in stone, but we do advise caution, unless you want a big batch of floaters! I.e. make a small batch first! If you need to add a bit of weight to your mix to combat a high krill level, try our Maize Protein Meal or Maize Flour. Also, upping your binders can tighten up the finished bait, slowing breakdown slightly and increasing denseness.

Top tip – Coat your hookbait in liquid and then dip in Krill Powder for a nice, slow-leakage wrap around your hookbait.

Available in 1kg bags.

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