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DNA Baits

DNA Boilies Secret 7 1kg Shelf life

DNA Boilies Secret 7 1kg Shelf life

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Although by its appearance you might be fooled into thinking S7 is a bog-standard red fishmeal – but don’t be! It’s a fishmeal, yes, the unbeatable LT94 and CPSP90 take care of that side, ensuring the bait is nutritionally sound. It’s also a red one, thanks to a generous inclusion of the magical red stuff, but that’s where the similarities end.

This bait is absolutely loaded with a superb-quality Krill Meal, which was specifically sourced for its dense properties. This meant we were able to use it at much higher quantities than previously possible with some of the lower-quality versions on the market. Although at substantially more cost to ourselves, we believe the trade-off is more than worth it, creating a beautifully textured, easily digestible, long-term food source that tastes incredible to the carp.

Along with the rest of the usual suspects that make up a balanced food bait, the S7 also incorporates a uniquely hot, sweet blend of 7 spices and salts that is produced for us exclusively by a good friend within the food industry. As usual with all the DNA range, we’ve kept the flavours subtle: a smooth peach and sweet orange aroma balances perfectly with the sweet spices within the base mix. The Liquid Food also includes the incredible Krill Hydrolysate, along with a pure human-grade Molasses, making a highly soluble, free-amino attractor package to die for!

This bait is a taste sensation for carp and certainly something they will never have encountered before if your water hasn’t yet seen the bait. If your water is dominated by fishmeals, you can guarantee they won’t have tasted one like this!

Crude Protein :  30.9%

Oil / Lipid        : 11.25%

Ash                   :   6.2%

Salt / Sodium  : 2.38%

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