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DNA Baits

DNA Amino Smoke 250ml (New)

DNA Amino Smoke 250ml (New)

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Amino Smoke is the latest addition to DNA’s extensive range of cutting-edge liquids.

A liquid that clouds your baited area, moving up and down the water column, pulling fish from all depths.

Within around 20-30 minutes, following its initial release, the ‘smoke’ will settle as a haze around your bait, reactivating as and when fish disturb the area, creating an attractive cloud. During testing, we have found this process can repeat itself many times before finally dispersing.

So what’s in it? Rather than going down the well-used route of a glycerine, flavour and dye combination, we wanted our ‘smoke’ to be created from something that genuinely attracts carp. A blend of high-protein powders and liquids ensures the Amino Smoke floods the area with carp-attracting amino acids. In addition to this, a generous portion of the matching bait’s accompanying liquid food is also included to further enhance the attraction properties.

Amino Smoke can be used in bags or sticks, as well as over your boilies, particles and pellets. It can also be used straight on your hook bait if required.

There is no limit to its inclusion, but only a small amount is needed to get the desired effect. Shake well to activate.

Allergen Info : PLEASE NOTE : Contains NUT OIL


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