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CarpLife Eclipse Camo Retractable 3 Rod Holdall

CarpLife Eclipse Camo Retractable 3 Rod Holdall

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The CarpLife Eclipse Camo Retractable Rod Holdall is a very compact and extremely padded 3 rod holdall. To enable the holdall to be so compact, we have lengthened the centre section of the holdall enabling rods to be stored in a 2 up and 1 down formation. This spaces your reels and means 3 rods can be stored in a holdall which is the width of most 2 rod holdalls.

The holdall is designed to be compact and very well padded to offer the ultimate protection.



CarpLife Eclipse Camo Rod Holdalls have been designed to offer the ultimate protection for your rods and reels. These are very different to other holdalls on the market, they are seriously padded.


Suitable for:


Nash 9ft Dwarf Rods

Nash 9 or 10ft Scope Rods

Sonik Extractor 9 or 10ft Rods

If you have other retractable rods, please call us and we can discuss your requirements


Nash 10ft Rods will be tight if you are using large reels. This is due to their very short butt section.


Crafted from upgraded and fully waterproof 900D material with a durable waterproof base and strong, oversized waterproof zips, the CarpLife Eclipse Camo Rod Holdalls offer superior performance and withstand the elements.


Externally, the CarpLife Retractable 3 Rod Holdall has 2 pockets thoughtfully spaced on the spine of the holdall. These pockets are designed to accommodate storm poles, bank/distance sticks and 2 piece landing net handles. Additionally, on the sides of the holdall there are two large pockets which provide storage for nets and slings. Perfectly spaced straps on each side ensure these items are securely stored. A convenient pocket designed for leads and other small essentials adds to the overall functionality.


A padded, removable shoulder strap and five strategically placed soft grip grab handles ensure comfort when carrying the holdall.


Inside the holdall is a carefully designed layout featuring two full-sized padded dividers. Rods should be stored in a 2 up & 1 down formation, alloing 3 rods to be stored in a narrower holdall than if 3 were side by side. This also ensures that the holdall can be used to house most 9 or 10ft retractable rods. Your rods and reels receive the ultimate protection.


Dimensions: 135*30*13cm

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