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Sticky Baits Pastes 280g

Sticky Baits Pastes 280g

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Utilising only the finest ingredients, results in a rich deep-red paste with a potent aroma. The paste of course compliments the Bloodworm, The Krill and Manilla range perfectly, with the addition of a natural preservative at the optimum level which prolongs the life of this bait for the angler’s convenience. Pulling power and attraction are optimised thanks to a specifically fast breakdown time which makes the Bloodworm Paste an ideal product to wrap around your hookbaits. Furthermore, it can be used in its own right, and, by using it with mesh you can make it last a bit longer. Not just limited to carp angling, Bloodworm, Krill and Manilla Paste can be used for all manner of coarse species and is particularly useful on rivers for chub and barbel.


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