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Bait-Tech Floater Bucket 1.8kg

Bait-Tech Floater Bucket 1.8kg

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The Bait-Tech Floater Bait Bundle Bucket 1.8kg gives you all you need for a days floater fishing for carp. Containing a mix of floating  liquid and hookbaits, this bait bundle will up your floater game and will lead to you catching more carp off the surface on your next fishing session.

This bait bucket contains 11m floating pellets which are the ideal size for using in a catapult or for spodding at range. There is also a slicker oil bait liquid included which when added to your pellets will create a flavour trail of attractors on the surface of the water which is irresistible to carp and will draw them to your feed area!

For your hookbaits, you can either choose to glue one of the 11mm pellets to the hair, or use one of the mixed pop up  that are supplied in this pack with the supplied hair stops to fix the bait in place. These pop-ups are a mixture of sizes which allow you to vary your hook bait sizes, which is great on pressured carp lakes or on them days when the carp are spooky.

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