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Allcock Flo Fish Minnow 13G Green Tiger

Allcock Flo Fish Minnow 13G Green Tiger

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The Allcock Flo Fish Minnow is the perfect lure for targeting a wide variety of freshwater species!

Allcock's Flo Fish is a modernised lure featuring a brighter spinner blade that glides through the water attracting the attention of many species such as salmon, perch, trout or pike.

The small soft plastic fish situated behind the spinner blade will seal the deal for most predators as they just can't resist the easy meal.

With two barbed treble hooks situated at the bottom of the fish and tail of the fish this will help set the hook and catching those greedy predators or game fish.

The Allcock Flo Fish Minnow is available in various colour options and comes supplied with one lure per packet.

1 lure per pack
Multiple colour options
Weight: 13 grams
12cm length
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