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Nash Dot Spod Air

Nash Dot Spod Air

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The Dot Spod Air offers controlled spread of any bait, opening to discharge your feed in flight as you hit the spool clip at the end of the cast.

Using an innovative quick release clip at the tail located before casting, once the main line tightens to the spool clip the Dot Spod Air opens to allow bait to be scattered widely in front of it. The empty Dot Spod drops quietly on the surface well short of the area you are feeding – almost eliminating spod impact noise and maximising the sound of bait hitting the surface across a wide area over your rig.

The ultimate baiting tool for the thinking carper, varying the force and trajectory of the cast allows you to change the way you feed a swim instantly. From showering floaters from high above over wary carp without spooking them to spreading hemp and micro pellet more widely than with a traditional rocket design the possibilities are endless.

Using the same hinged, sliding body and nose release system as the proven Dot Spods, the Air also features no mechanisms that can be jammed by bait residue or small bait particles – guaranteeing perfect bait delivery every time.

Used with the dedicated Dot Spod Rods and Spod/Marker Braid the Air can deliver baits of all types up to 160 metres dependant on casting ability.

Spot On Dot Spod Air White Small T2090
Spot On Dot Spod Air Black Small T2091
Spot On Dot Spod Air White Medium T2092
Spot On Dot Spod Air Black Medium T2093

Dot Spod Air Small

Dimensions: 17.5cm (l) x 7cm (w)

Empty: 46gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 107gr

Loaded with hemp: 122gr

Loaded with boilies:

112gr (56 x 12mm)

119gr (32 x 15mm)

110gr (12 x 20mm)

Dot Spod Air Medium

Dimensions: 19.5cm (l) x 8cm (w)

Empty: 68gr

Loaded with 6mm pellet: 162gr

Loaded with hemp: 188gr

Loaded with boilies:

178gr (92 x 12mm)

171gr (47 x 15mm)

169gr (20 x 20mm)


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