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Korda Compac Weigh Staff (In Store Collection only)

Korda Compac Weigh Staff (In Store Collection only)

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The Compac Weigh Staff has been constructed from high-grade anodised aluminium, creating a durable and reliable bit of kit that will withstand the rigors of life on the bank.

Featuring a unique 2-piece construction, the Compac Weigh Staff has a minimal footprint and packs down small and tight for easy storage. Its brass fittings and threads guarantee secure, strong and long-lasting use.

The Weigh Staff is equipped with a rotating stainless-steel carabiner for quick and hassle-free weighing. Additionally, the stainless-steel spiked base ensures the staff is anchored securely into the ground providing a solid foundation for accurate reading.

The Weigh Staff comes complete with a convenient Compac storage bag, allowing you to keep it safe and organised when not in use. 

Suitable for weights up to 80lb/36kg.

Key features

  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium
  • Brass threads and fittings
  • Rotating collar
  • Two-piece
  • Stainless spike
  • Storage bag
  • For weights up to 80lb/36kg


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