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Guru 15'' MWG Feeder Hair Rigs with Speed Stop

Guru 15'' MWG Feeder Hair Rigs with Speed Stop

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The Guru Feeder Hair Rigs come with bait Speedstops fitted to the hair. When used with Guru's Speedstop needle angler will be able to use a range of baits that can be hair rigged quickly and easily.

This baiting rig makes more time for you to get more bites. It comes in a range of sizes; the 4inch rig is ideal for method feeder fishing whereas the 15inch is suitable for standard angling requirements.

The rigs include a super sharp eyed MWG hook boasting the perfect hook size to hair length ratio, it used a figure of eight loop for easy connection to your rig and silicone tube to align the hair for perfect presentation.

With 8 rigs per pack, these rigs makes fishing even simpler.



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