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Drennan YumYum Soft Hooker Pellets

Drennan YumYum Soft Hooker Pellets

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We have spent a considerable amount of time field-testing and developing a hooker pellet with just the right consistency and levels of attraction. Yum Yums have a slightly gelatinous texture, making them soft and spongy, yet durable enough to stay on the hook. They are ideal for pole fishing and can also be used with rod-and-line approaches. Both sizes are perfect for hooking directly, while the larger 6mms can also be carefully hair-rigged with a Pushstop.
 Inky Squid Yum Yums are black in colour so they really stand out amongst your feed. They have also been enhanced with our specially formulated Inky Squid formula. These easy-to-use hook baits have proved highly effective, perhaps because a lot of small water bugs are black. The silhouette they create is also very visual when fished up in the water.

Ideal for carp, F1s, crucians, tench and bream, we call them Yum Yums for a very good reason – fish love ’em!

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