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Bait-Tech Cat Bites 28mm Krill & Tuna

Bait-Tech Cat Bites 28mm Krill & Tuna

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Bait-Tech's Cat Bites in Krill & Tuna, gobstopper 28mm sized high oil hookbaits effective straight from the pot. Absolutely packed with high leakage oils, powerful flavourings and pre-drilled. Designed by the team at bait tech to continue to release that taste and aroma over an extended period of time, and still fish effectively after hours in the water. Available in black colour.

Supplied in a 350g pot


  • Designed to leak intense flavour
  • Releases over a long period of time
  • Perfect bait for catfish
  • Easy to use
  • Provokes a feeding response
  • Various attractive flavours and sizes available
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